Centauri Coin reboots!

Neustart für den Centauri Coin

The organization behind

As already announced, it is descided to establish an organisation. The organisation D.I.F. (Verein Disruptive Innovationen) will be legally competent shortly. The organisation will pay attention to support various Blockchain projects. The pilot project will be the support, promotion and development of the Centauri Coin. The listing of the Coin is certainly foregoing. The organisation is an external institution, which is not to be connected with CTX-LINE or Alpha Centauri.

Any time soon there will be information event of the organisation which will be announced separatly. An invitation will follow soon.

At the moment conversations with investors are in progress about supporting the development of the Centauri Coin. We will update you when specific agreements and contracts are made.


A pool mining server is drafted to get additional donations. This server makes it possible for miners to mine the Centauri Coin before the coin is released and decentralized. 

Therefor we elaborated the following conception: A maximum of 10 miners have the possibility to get an early access to the CTX-mining before the source codes are released for a donation of min. 1 BTC. Please mail your application to [email protected]

Notice the rule for this conception: First come, first serve! When this 10 seats are assigned, the listing of the Centauri Coin will follow. That will be the reboot of the Centauri Coin!

The next spteps

We are very happy, that a couple of community members already consent to enhance the Centauri Coin after the reverse transaction of the CTX-line and the release of the codes. These people will also supply corresponding applications and servers. With this power of the community we will bring the Centauri Coin to the fore. There is only one direction for the Centauri Coin – up!

  • 1. September 2018
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